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Tuanku Abdul Rahman Foundation (YTAR) is a body established under Parliament Act No.43, 1966 on 8 July 1966.

Its objective was described as “for the purpose of providing or awarding such number of studentships, scholarships, study grants or study loans or any other awards as the Board may from time to time determine to be provided or awarded to persons as hereinafter mentioned to enable such persons to pursue such course or courses of education as the Board may think proper”.

Act No 43, 1966 item 8(2)

"Tunku Scholars" is the title given to recipients of the prestigious and exclusive Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship (BTAR).

The scholarship sponsors its recipients in pursuing undergraduate studies at local institutions of higher learning.

Selection of Tunku Scholars is based on academic excellence and outstanding leadership traits.

Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation
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