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"Jikalau tidak dipecahkan ruyung manakan dapat sagunya" (one cannot achieve one's objective without making the effort or without sacrificing). This Malay adage provides the essence to Pingat Tunku Award introduced by YTAR since 2010. The award marks a symbol of excellence benchmark to potential leaders in line with the philosophy of the adage that binds the objectives, vision and mission of YTAR's establishment in 1966.

The awarding of this medal symbolized tireless efforts of a graduate who believes in the aspirations of YTM Tunku and the establishment of YTAR. This excellence in leadership traits, personal moral integrity, and continuous self-enrichment are in line with academic excellence.

Candidates of the award will go through a strict screening process. The award is open not only to the Tunku Scholars but to all future graduates throughout local IPTAs who meet the criteria and requirements.

The criteria and prerequisites of the Pingat Tunku Award are as follows:

(a) Attained CGPA of 3.80 and above

(b) Recipients of IPTA excellent graduate awards and nominated by their respective universities.

After the screening process takes place, the shortlisted candidates will be called upon an interview session before YTAR Board of Trustees.

Pingat Tunku Award Recipients

Gold Medal Recipients

2010 - Danial bin Abdul Rahman - UIA Perundangan (Tunku Scholar)

2011 - Ng Rong Xiang - UM Perubatan (Tunku Scholar)

2012 - Ahmad Zaim Azizool Arif - UIA Ekonomi

2013 - Azmad Kareem Anwardeen - UIA Perubatan

2014 - Ana Masara binti Ahmad Mokhtar - UPM Sains Bioperubatan

2015 - Sathish Rao a/l Apalanaidu -UPSI Pengajian Moral (Tunku Scholar)

- Mohamad Hafizee bin Abdullah - UTM Kejuruteraan

2016 - James Lian Yoon Chen - USM Doktor Pergigian (Tunku Scholar)










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